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Phone: 1300 283 764

DIY termite protection is big business. Backyard manufacturers producing an array of products which claim to be the answer to the DIY Termite protection issue, all make their claims based on testimonials from homeowners, and ‘research’ which is simply cannot be verified.

Within the termite management industry, there are only a few products which professionals use confidently to protect their customers homes.

In terms of chemical treatment, ‘fiprinol’ is the most now commonly used product for spot treatment of live termites and chemical treated zones. It’s non repellency properties mean that termites are not deterred by its presence, and so termites are unknowingly infecting themselves with the lethal product 24 hrs a day, which is a simple but laborious task to implement.

In terms of professional termite baits, the main 4 professionally used systems are Sentricon ‘Always Active’, Exterra, Termatrix, and Nemisis. Sentricon has released an industry changing product which has simplified the baiting process for professionals, and provides ongoing 24hr termite protection with their ‘Always Active’ Termiticide rods, which are the attractant, AND the poison all in one product. Incidentally, this is the product which Termicure has adopted for the Termicure ‘Active’ Packs.

Exterra, has been the biggest player in professional termite baiting for some time. The stations are large, which allows for good volume of termite bait matrix to be applied, and they are easy to inspect. The Exterra Bait matrix is of the best quality, so there are limited failures which has haunted many other multinational bait producers.

Termitrix is a good product also, with large stations and a good termite bait matrix. This product has been closely modelled off many of the good features with the Exterra System, and are at a price point for the professional.

Nemisis, are a small termite bait station, with unknown bait matrix quality. Often, the matrix is fine, but then there are also instances where termites will vacate the station for no apparent reason, which can put doubt in the mind of the pest manager. This can happen with any bait matrix. The stations are also small, which limits the amount of bait which can be applied to the station, and they are also flimsy in construction. The Nemisis product is the cheaper option of the four main ones, and is often used by the less meticulous termite manager.

In any case, all of the above systems work to some degree, although some better than others.

The best advancement in the termite protection industry in the last 10 years has certainly been the introduction of the termiticide rod. Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods can be retrofitted into any existing Sentricon termite bait station, Exterra or Termatrix. The Nemisis bait termite stations are too small to install the ‘Always Active’ Rods, and so some modification has to be undertaken to retrofit with these baits.

The key advantage of the termiticide rods is that termites do not have to be identified in a station to begin applying the poison. The process is automated, with the termiticide rods attracting termites to them for feeding, and then also poisoning the colony for eradication. This removes the key step of having to apply a bait matrix to active termite bait stations. The process may well be already underway before you are even aware that the stations are being attacked. This removes many of the pitfalls which haunt professionals, such as contaminated bait matrix, inconsistent bait matrix, contaminated water, accidental contamination by the termite manager etc…

Once the Termiticide Rods are installed, termite protection is underway.

This is the reason that Termicure has combined their termite baiting product with the ‘Always Active’ Rods. As a well known DIY Termite Baiting product, we saw the opportunity to make the termite baiting process as fool proof as possible for the homeowner. The Termicure ‘Active Packs’ are specifically designed for the most simple termite baiting process available for the homeowner to save money.

The introduction of the revolution in termiticide rods has been a breakthrough for the homeowner, and we are riding the wave. Sentricon has changed the playing field with termite baiting, and we couldn’t be happier to be providing suitable advances directly to the homeowner at a fraction of the cost charged by the professionals.


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