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The Termicure Termite Baiting System is used every day by termite professionals to eradicate termites from Australian homes. There simply is no better system!

About Termicure DIY Termite Baits…Install and Eradicate.

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Install, Monitor, identify termites, feed termites, eradicate…hopefully?!

The Termicure Termite Baiting System is 100% owned and supported, with as much of the product produced in Australia as we can legally manage. Recently, a revolution in the termite baiting industry has taken place with the introduction of an all in one attractant and eradication product, which has been produced and patented by a MultiNational in the pesticide industry. While we simply can’t reproduce a patented product, we have combined our proven termite baits with these Termiticide Rods, and we are now proud to provide the most effective and affordable means of termite eradication available directly to you – the homeowner.

The Termicure ‘Active’ Termite Baiting System is the simplest and most effective DIY termite baits system on the market today. Used by industry professionals and you the homeowner, Termicure provides an inexpensive alternative to expensive chemical barrier treatments and multi station baiting systems. Contact us, or keep reading to get more details about DIY Termite bait and DIY Termite barrier solutions.

 With The Termicure ‘Active’ Packs, protecting your home is easier, and more effective than ever. One step termite colony eradication from your property.

Unlike Australia’s previously most common professional Termite Baiting Systems, Protecting your property is as simple as digging a small hole, and placing your Termicure DIY  Termite Baits Station in the ground loaded with the Termiticide Rod, and the system instantly becomes active. No more checking for Termite activity to introduce treatment products, which can be cumbersome or difficult to apply safely.

Stations should be serviced every 3 months to ensure that the rods have not been consumed, and replaced if they have been depleted by termites. It’s that simple!

Previously, we had an extremely simple and straightforward system designed for the homeowner, but at that time, there were no alternative options which could provide this type of ongoing protection. Keep reading below for the details we used to promote with our Termicure Gen II termite baiting system, and you’ll see just how far we have come!


Simplicity Is The Key… It’s as easy as 1, 2 3

Unlike many other termite baiting systems, Termicure is simple to install, monitor and treat. The stations are strong and large enough to attract enough termites to effectively eradicate the entire colony following treatment. No gimmicky “windows” or expensive monitoring fees. Just unclip the lid, and check the bait for activity.

1. Easy Installation

Installation is as easy as digging a small hole and placing your Termicure DIY Termite Baits station in the ground. Then simply place the supplied baiting material inside the station and click the lid into place.

2. Simple Monitoring

About once a month, just pop the lid on your Termicure station. If termites are present, then treatment is required.

3. Flexible Treatment Options

You can choose which treatment option you wish to undertake for termite colony eradication. Liquid, Foam or Bait Matrix products are available to suit a range of circumstances. The Termicure ‘Active’ integration, now provides you with the ability to eradicate active termite colonies from the minute the system is installed. The Termicticide Rods included in the Termicure Active Kit, reduce the need for monthly monitoring, to 3 monthly station checks, and there is no requirement to treat the activity, as the Termiticide Rods included in the kit provides a palatable food source which keeps termites from being able to feed normally. This prevents the termites from being able to consume alternative food sources, forcing them to feed solely on the Termiticide Rods impregnated with an insect growth regulator, which is designed to wipe out the colony. This is a revolution in the Termite Eradication industry which is being kept tightly under wraps by the Professionals. The Termicure ‘Active’ Kits can be purchased here.


Just remember that termites can be unpredictable. Termites are virtually blind. They are unable to withstand sunlight and are vulnerable to a huge range of predators, so they will remain hidden from predators where possible (including us!). If undetected, some species can completely destroy a home within 3-6 months. They will often attack specific areas leaving some timbers completely untouched, while an adjacent member has been ravaged to the point of complete failure. With this in mind, we have provided a range of options for treatment to help you gain the best level of control, based on your circumstances. Contact us today to get more details about DIY Termite bait and DIY Termite barrier.