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Bunnings Superway Termite Baiting Station 12 pack review

Should I buy my DIY Termite Baits from Bunnings?

Bunnings has recently introduced another range of DIY termite baits alongside the Green Baits which have been stocked for some time. ‘Superway DIY Termite Bait Station – 4 Pack’, ‘Superway Termite Bait Station 12 pack’, and the ‘Superway 500g White Ant Termite Bait’. The Bunnings Superway Termite Bait Station product. The Termite Bait Stations themselves...
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termite mudding

How to recognise Termite infestation in Australia

Termites are a major problem in Australia with around 20 different species able to chew through timber anywhere in and around your home. So as you can imagine, it pays to know the signs of an infestation before it spreads too far. Australian subterranean termite species are small, soft-bodied insects that utilise underground tunnels and...
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What do Flying Termites Look Like

How can you tell the difference between flying ants and flying termites?

Have you seen flying termites, or are they flying ants? How can you tell the difference between flying ants and flying termites, and should you be concerned? These higher humidity levels we have been experiencing over the last few weeks have seen the first major termite colonisation in multiple areas around most of Australia so...
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sentricon termite baits australia

Why don’t termite professionals use DIY termite bait kits?

Termite professionals don’t use DIY Termite bait kits, because the quality required for successful termite eradication and protection is usually not available in products sold to the homeowner. Most of the commercially available termite products are sold through specialised distributors, who purchase their products directly from the chemical companies. Dow, Ensystex, Sherwood Chemicals, and Bayer,...
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Kill Termites without Poison-How To

You may have come across the term ‘Kill termites without poison’ if you’ve been looking on the internet for information on how to get rid of termites. There are two commonly used methods of treating active termites, one is with a chemical formulation (poison), and the other is with a bait matrix, which is considered...
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Live Termites – What do they look like, and what can I do?

Live termites are found in all sorts of places, but the one place you don’t want to find them, is in your home. If you find live termites in your house, then you should have the situation inspected by a professional to locate any other areas where activity might be happening. Then a form of...
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Live Termite Treatment Kits-Are there any quality products for DIY?

There are multiple live termite treatment kits on the market, directed at the DIY segment, but are they any good? Well most DIY Termite treatment kits consist of a generic Termite Bait Matrix which has been cheaply produced and sold without any real testing. The cheaper, the better is what most retailers will say, as...
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Most DIY Termite Bait kits are just timber… there’s no poison.

In most homeowners minds, a termite bait kit contains all of the ingredients to simply install into the ground around their home. Install the stations, place the ingredients into the stations and then just wait for the termites to attack the timber inserts and check it every now and then to make sure they are...
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Termite Bait Upgrade Kit – You can renew your old termite baits

Thousands of Australian homes have unused or unserviceable termite baits around their home. Whether you had a baiting system installed, or you bought a house with an existing termite bait system, then it’s a simple process to purchase a termite bait upgrade kit and get it up and running again. All of the professional grade...
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Free guide-DIY Termite Protection Kits

Believe it or not, there are some products available which can be effective for the homeowner to protect their property from termites. In the past, this depends on how skilled and patient an individual homeowner is, and how willing they are to search for the correct information on how things are to be done. ‘Old...
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The Termicure Termite Baiting System has been integrated with specially formulated Sentricon Termiticide Rods, TO ATTRACT AND ERADICATE attacking termite colonies from your property. This same system installed by professional Pest Control companies is now available direct to the homeowner saving you money.