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Termite protection and your home.

DIY termite protection is big business. Backyard manufacturers producing an array of products which claim to be the answer to the DIY Termite protection issue, all make their claims based on testimonials from homeowners, and ‘research’ which is simply cannot be verified. Within the termite management industry, there are only a few products which professionals […]

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Homeowner, or DIY Termite Protection Success Rate…

There should be no reason that homeowner, or DIY termite protection will work as well as any professional system, at a fraction of the cost. Termite Barrier (chemical)  installation is a specialists job, which requires the use of potentially harmful chemicals, a huge amount of manual labour and expensive specialised equipment. Creating a physical barrier […]

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Sydney Termite Baits-Baits vs Barriers

In Sydney termite baits are a very popular form of termite protection. With the pest control industry booming in all areas due to an ever increasing demand for home protection, termite baits are the most common form of termite management available for installation and management without the need for specialist equipment. Australia wide, the cost […]

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