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Sydney Termite Baits-Baits vs Barriers

In Sydney termite baits are a very popular form of termite protection. With the pest control industry booming in all areas due to an ever increasing demand for home protection, termite baits are the most common form of termite management available for installation and management without the need for specialist equipment.

Australia wide, the cost of living has risen steadily over the last 20 years, and its only logical that homeowners would be looking for ways they can keep their costs to a minimum. Home ownership is becoming less affordable, so every spare dollar is put to good use, and DIY termite bait installation is a good way to keep some money in your pocket with the right product and advice.

In Sydney termite baits are installed by most pest control operators. Termite barrier work is becoming less common because of the high labour content required, as well as the expensive setup costs required for chemical soil treatment. It is unfortunate that professionals look to the termite bait option because of the ease of their own installation, which makes it a more viable option for the homeowner to manage themselves. Termite bait installation is a simple as digging a small hole, and placing a station in the soil, flush with the top of the ground. Monitoring the stations is a simple as opening the lid and looking to see if termites have attacked the attractant materials inside. adding a bait matrix or doing a spot treatment requires training and experience, but if you have installed the Termicure Termite Baiting systems ‘Active’ product (Termicure combined with the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods), then there is no requirement to play with chemicals or bait matrix’s.

The Termicure ‘Active’ system contains the Termiticide Rods, which are loaded with the toxins to eradicate feeding termites. That’s right, there is no need to add any further products to these stations, it’s simply a matte of allowing the termites to feed on the termiticide rods, and the elimination of the colony will follow. So what we have done, is taken a tightly held process which has been kept secret from the homeowner about the importance of professional termite baiting, while the professionals cut their costs by sending their least qualified employee to service your system.

So instead of facilitating this, we’ve released the Termicure ‘Active’ to the DIY market so that in areas such as Sydney termite baits can be successfully installed and serviced by the homeowner without getting stung with exorbitant fees demanded by the Professionals.

For more information on the Termicure ‘Active’ system, click here.


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