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Termite Bait Stations
Bunnings Superway Termite Baiting Station 12 pack review

Should I buy my DIY Termite Baits from Bunnings?

Bunnings has recently introduced another range of DIY termite baits alongside the Green Baits which have been stocked for some time. ‘Superway DIY Termite Bait Station – 4 Pack’, ‘Superway Termite Bait Station 12 pack’, and the ‘Superway 500g White Ant Termite Bait’. The Bunnings Superway Termite Bait Station product. The Termite Bait Stations themselves...
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Kill Termites without Poison-How To

You may have come across the term ‘Kill termites without poison’ if you’ve been looking on the internet for information on how to get rid of termites. There are two commonly used methods of treating active termites, one is with a chemical formulation (poison), and the other is with a bait matrix, which is considered...
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When DIY Termite Baits are better than professional Termite Protection. Professional Termite Bait Kits.

DIY Termite Bait Kits can be as good, or better than a Professional Termite Protection, particularly when it costs less than half and uses the exact same processes and products… Our advice to you is: 1-Get a quote from your termite professional for the installation of a termite baiting system around your home. Quality Professionals...
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Why DIY Termite Baiting fails-What you need to know.

The professional termite management market determines what products are the best, and which ones simply don’t work. At Termicure, we don’t attempt to re invent the wheel by producing new products in an attempt to revolutionise the termite management industry. Multinationals such as DowAgroScience, and Sherwood Chemicals spend Millions of dollars on developing products which...
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Free Guide – Upgrade Your Old Termite Baits to Sentricon ‘Always Active’ 24-7 Termite Protection

This free guide will help you turn your old and useless termite baits into a termite colony killing machine, to help protect your home without having to fork out huge $$. Most termite baiting systems end up as useless unsightly trip hazards once the annual fees of conventional termite baiting begin to stack up. Once...
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Sentricon Always Active – The protection you thought you were getting all along.

Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods, are the innovation in termite protection that homeowners thought they were getting all along… Confusing termite baiting system contracts designed to make the homeowner believe that once their termite baiting or monitoring system was installed, they had something protecting their home from termites. Well now its a reality, and if...
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Safe Termite Protection – Non Toxic Options

Often, when people think of termite protection, they think of toxic chemicals, applied in massive amounts to their property. While this may only be partially true, chemical soil treatments are coming under the scrutiny of environmentalists more and more. Large volumes of synthetic chemicals injected into the ground just sounds like an environmental disaster, and...
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Don’t buy Termite Baits until you’ve read this…

Don’t buy termite baits until you’ve read this simple explanation of what you are buying…and what you want to protect. Most termite baits are made out of the same materials your home is built out of – Timber. In ground termite baits are commonly installed in the grounds around the exterior of your home, in...
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safe guard your Australian home against termites by yourself with do it yourself baiting stations

The best DIY Termite Baits Guide

In this guide to the best DIY Termite Baits, I’m going to fall back to the products used in the field every day, by termite professionals. Since the inception of termite baiting, there were many experiments and trials undertaken with multiple products. Many products were successful during trials and made it through to the mainstream...
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termite traps

The reason DIY Termite Baits don’t work…

It’s a good scam by the manufacturers of DIY Termite Baits, but there is a good reason that most DIY Termite baits don’t work… They are simply not professional grade products, which are used in everyday termite management. Professionals don’t use DIY products, they use professional products such as Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods, which...
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The Termicure Termite Baiting System has been integrated with specially formulated Sentricon Termiticide Rods, TO ATTRACT AND ERADICATE attacking termite colonies from your property. This same system installed by professional Pest Control companies is now available direct to the homeowner saving you money.