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safe guard your Australian home against termites by yourself with do it yourself baiting stations

In this guide to the best DIY Termite Baits, I’m going to fall back to the products used in the field every day, by termite professionals.

Since the inception of termite baiting, there were many experiments and trials undertaken with multiple products. Many products were successful during trials and made it through to the mainstream termite baiting realm, while many worked during the trials, however commercialising the products successfully was an issue. Two of the most successful manufacturers in this space were Exterra, and Sentricon.

A conventional Exterra Termite Bait Station

Both of these manufacturers have been supplying quality termite baiting products commercially to thousands of termite professionals across Australia and the US. In Australia, Exterra owned the market with clever plans put together for the Operator to secure excellent ongoing income from clients, with monitoring plans and service contracts.

They successfully built a valuable market for termite specialists to charge top dollar, whilst retaining their customers long term. Their products were excellent, and their bait was very effective in eradicating termite colonies from the area.

Here is an over simplified explanation of the  CONVENTIONAL TERMITE BAITING process…

So, we take a professional fishing boat floating on an ocean rife with piranhas who are trying to eat the boat. The professional fishermen might throw a stack of burleigh overboard in order to attract the piranhas. So now, we have a fishing boat surrounded with fish trying to attack the boat, feeding on burleigh…then comes stage two…catching the piranhas. So then the fishermen attach some bait to their professional fish hooks and expertly attempt to catch as many piranhas as possible, to stop them from eating the boat. This is a quick analogy of Conventional termite baiting…

Enter Sentricon, with it’s Australian release of the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods back in around 2015…

The Sentricon Termiticide Rods known as ‘Always Active’ are a termite baiting product, which are installed into conventional termite bait stations. Unlike the traditional systems where timber is used to attract termites to the station and a bait matrix is added to the station in order to poison the termite colony, the ‘Always Active’ Rods are the bait, and the poison in one…

So back to the fishing boat…

So now our professional fishing boat is equipped with a special burleigh which has been laced with a product which is only toxic to piranhas… So the fishermen begin throwing burleigh overboard to attract as many piranhas as possible away from the boat. So instead of now having to try and catch the fish to stop them from attacking the boat, the piranhas simply eat a small amount of the burleigh and die off, leaving the boat untouched…

So this analogy describes the difference between the conventional Termite baiting approach. Each of the major DIY Termite Baits currently sold, utilise the conventional method which is quickly being phased out. Products such as Termikill, Envirobug, Green Baits, and Termite Ninja all rely on this conventional method of termite colony eradication. These conventional products are far cheaper than the Termicure ‘Active’ packs, containing the Termiticide Rods, but provide far less value for money.

When comparing DIY Termite Baits, may I suggest that you also seek a quote, or quotes from local termite professionals. This will give you a good benchmark for what you might be comfortable to pay in order to protect your home.

If you are happy to make your own bait stations to save a few bucks, then click this link to a practical guide to making your own DIY Termite Bait stations.

Discounted Termiticide Rods can be purchased here which can be used inside your DIY Termite Baits.

The simplicity involved in successfully protecting a structure with the Termiticide Rods is far superior than the conventional system which would be regularly botched by inexperienced or heavy handed professionals. Even the most experienced professional would fail in eradicating a termite colony from time to time, and this would often be as a result of human error.

So would it not seem silly to take a difficult process, frought with failure at the best of times, and place it in the hands of an inexperienced homeowner, to protect an investment?

There was a time when this was the only option, however now, the industry has termiticide rods to simplify the process for the professional, and make DIY termite baiting viable for the average homeowner.

This is exactly what Termicure has done… Take the best of the best products and provided the home/DIY industry with something which is truly viable in protecting their home from termites.

Always Active Termite Baits
Professional Termite Baits-packaged and supported for DIY and homeowner use.

In the Termicure ‘Active’ Pack, is a full kit of stations and rods, along with a comprehensive user guide on how/where to install your stations and when to check them. We provide full support to our customers with identification and qualified professional support to help you obtain the best protection possible.



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