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Don’t buy termite baits until you’ve read this simple explanation of what you are buying…and what you want to protect.

Most termite baits are made out of the same materials your home is built out of – Timber. In ground termite baits are commonly installed in the grounds around the exterior of your home, in an attempt to attract termites to the timber installed in the stations. If termites are located in the stations during regular checks, a poison is then applied to the station with the goal of eradicating an entire termite colony and lowering the risk of a termite attack.

Let’s highlight that process again… Your home is made from timber, so you place timber around your home, however most homes have a far larger food source of timber than any termite baiting system could ever hope to contain. It’s like owning a Gingerbread House, and sprinkling a jar of gingerbread crumbs around it to protect it from ordinary sugar ants…

This is only the first stage of the termite baiting process. So once you’ve, installed, serviced and checked your stations, and then identified termite activity in one or more of the stations, you then need to introduce a DIFFERENT product, in order to kill off the threat. Let’s look at the feeding and eradication process, using the Gingerbread House again as our example.

So you’ve used the Gingerbread crumbs, to attract ants to your house of Gingerbread, and you’ve finally hit the jackpot. Ant’s are chowing down on the crumbs you’ve expertly spread about the place. The ants are hooking in, so then you decide to throw some chemically laced crumbs in with the original crumbs, in the hope they’ll stop what they are feasting on, to feed on a something else containing a poison. While this concept has some success, it’s far from reliable, and with your home on the menu, I’d recommend you look for a proven alternative which is where the Termiticide Rods have changed the game in the professional termite world. This is why we recommend that you don’t buy Termite Baits until you have armed yourself with this knowledge.

Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods are a termite bait, which have been infused with a colony killing toxin, called Hexaflumuron. The Termiciticide Rods are non toxic to humans or domestic pets, and has been formulated to MORE palatable than timber…So lets head back to our gingerbread house.

This time, instead of throwing gingerbread crumbs about the house to keep the ants out, we’ll use a toxic icing. The icing is far more attractive to the ants than the gingerbread, and from the moment the ants begin to feed on it, they become dependent on it. They become unable to consume anything else, and continues it’s addiction to the very product which will kill off the entire colony. There is no need to do the old ‘bait and switch’, and hope that they don’t notice. Feeding continues undisturbed until the entire colony has been eradicated.

This is how the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods work, there’s less chance of upsetting the feeding termites with inferior bait matrix, human error or contamination, and there’s less interruption to the stations. The Termiticide Rods are already doing their job before you’ve identified the termites in the station. It’s faster, simpler and easier to manage as a homeowner and a professional, and more successful. For someone looking for the simplest and most reliable form of termite baiting, it’s the only real viable choice for DIY Termite Baits.

So don’t just google DIY ‘Termite Baits’, and order the first DIY Termite Baits you can find, look carefully at the products and whether or not they contain the Termiticide Rods, like the Termicure ‘Active’ packs. 

If you have an existing baiting system installed at your home, then you may not have to go and buy an entire new baiting kit, as the Termitcide Rods can be retrifitted into many other systems such as Exterra, Termatrix and Nemisis.

So, don’t buy termite baits if you think you’re going to have a simple and cheap product to protect your home. Insist on spending a bit extra and getting the systems containing the termiticide rods…and keep your gingerbread house in one piece!

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