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Don’t buy Termite baits until you’ve read this…

Don’t buy termite baits until you’ve read this simple explanation of what you are buying…and what you want to protect. Most termite baits are made out of the same materials your home is built out of-Timber. In ground termite baits are commonly installed in the grounds around the exterior of your home, in an attempt […]

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The easiest and most professional Termite Bait System yet…

‘Revolutionary’ is the term used for the release of the all in one termite bait system… Termite Baits have been around for decades as a viable form of termite protection, but as much as it might seem a good DIY option, where large amounts of money can be saved, it’s really not that simple…until the […]

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DIY Termite Baits

So you have started your DIY Termite Protection program, and installed your Termicure DIY Termite Baits around the home. Now you’re eager to speed the process up. Well, with our DIY Termite Baits, there is no need. Simply install your DIY Termite Baits as per the installation guide. Wait a minimum of 1 month before […]

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