If you are looking to protect your home on the Gold Coast Termite Protection is one of those things where the more people you speak to, the more options you’ll be presented with. Not only is this confusing, but you’ll be swayed by the best salesman, and their preferred method, which may or may not reflect the best termite protection option.

For example, many Gold Coast Termite Protection ‘specialists’ will encourage you to install a fully service termite baiting system, which is fine if your home is built on a hill, with multiple split level sections and concealed slab joins or inaccessible areas, but if your home is slab on ground, then it’s lily that your pest manager is simply swaying your opinion to suit their own agenda. with a slab on ground home, the most common point of entry for active termites, is via the perimeter, in which case, a chemical soil treatment to the perimeter of the building would provide you with the best all round termite protection.

Many Gold Coast Termite Protection ‘specialists’, simply have not invested in the expensive spray rigs to undertake chemical soil treatments, so they’ll offer a termite baiting system and rely on their sales skills to sell it to the customer as the best option.

A termite baiting system does not require any specific training or qualifications. Guidelines do need to be followed in order the achieve a good level of coverage, but this information is quite simple to obtain. The basic principle is that termite bait stations should be placed at 3 metre intervals about the ‘drip line’ of a structure. A good explanation of termite bait placement is provided in the installation and maintenance guide in every Termicure ‘Active’ Pack.

Termite Baiting system installation CAN be a cash cow for termite professionals, however when done correctly, and properly maintained, they can provide an exceptional level of termite protection to specific structures and homes.

The basic principle of termite baiting is to provide attractive food sources at specific intervals about the property, which encourage them to feed and in turn, feeding on an impregnated food source capable of full termite colony eradication.

For further information, or assistance in making the right decision, just send us an email at info@termicure.com.au for a qualified, and professional perspective.

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