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Termicure 'Active' Packs contain the solution to the DIY Termite Baiting Scam with Sentricon 'Always Active' Rods

The reason DIY Termite Baits don’t work…

It’s a good scam by the manufacturers of DIY Termite Baits, but there is a good reason that most DIY Termite baits don’t work… They are simply not professional grade products, which are used in everyday termite management. Professionals don’t use DIY products, they use professional products such as Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods, which […]

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Homeowner, or DIY Termite Protection Success Rate…

There should be no reason that homeowner, or DIY termite protection will work as well as any professional system, at a fraction of the cost. Termite Barrier (chemical)  installation is a specialists job, which requires the use of potentially harmful chemicals, a huge amount of manual labour and expensive specialised equipment. Creating a physical barrier […]

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Termite Protection-What the professionals won’t tell you…

Termite Protection is something which every property should have as an important precaution. If you don’t have some kind of termite protection, then you are completely exposed to the likelihood of expensive termite repairs. With extensive experience within the industry as a business owner, employer, and technician, it is often easier to offer your customer […]

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Brisbane Termite Protection

Brisbane Termite Protection options range from physical, chemical to visual barriers where the perimeter of a building is accessible. Physical Termite Barriers rely on a physical product which cannot be penetrated by termites, forcing them to the building exterior, or to a place where they can be seen, and consequently treated. Products such as Kordon, […]

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Bunnings termite baits-are they a professional product?

Bunnings Termite Baits… Are they of a professional standard is the question many homeowners are asking. Well while we can’t be seen to be putting another product down, at the time of writing this, we can honestly say that we would not ever attempt to protect any property from termites, at any time with the […]

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