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Phone: 1300 283 764

Brisbane Termite Protection options range from physical, chemical to visual barriers where the perimeter of a building is accessible.

Physical Termite Barriers rely on a physical product which cannot be penetrated by termites, forcing them to the building exterior, or to a place where they can be seen, and consequently treated. Products such as Kordon, Termimesh and Homeguard are all examples of Brisbane Termite Protection.

Visual barrier are not as common as one would think, but Coral Homes are renowned for it throughout the Brisbane Termite Protection circles. A slab which protrudes at least 75mm from the perimeter walls, with a horizontal inspection zone is their ‘signature perimeter termite management system, which does not always please the eye, but certainly does the trick if you are a vigilant homeowner. This is not common, and most exposed slab issues are caused by termites crossing the inspection zone where landscaping has been installed to the building exterior, or because tenanted properties are not always cared for like an owner occupier.

Chemical barriers, create a chemically treated zone about the perimeter of a building which kills termites. This is an effective tool which works 24hrs day and night, and requires no real maintenance. Termite Baiting Systems are also a common post construction termite management method, and are popular, because they can be installed and successfully managed by the homeowner.

Brisbane termite protection options are quite varied, although if your home has not been built with physical termite protection, then either a termite barrier (chemical), or a Termite Baiting System are your common and most effective options.

A termite barrier will need to be installed by a Brisbane Termite Protection specialist, where an ‘Active ‘ Termite Baiting System can be installed by the homeowner for less than half of the cost of any other suitable method.

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