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DIY Termites

Termite protection and your home.

DIY termite protection is big business. Backyard manufacturers producing an array of products which claim to be the answer to the DIY Termite protection issue, all make their claims based on testimonials from homeowners, and ‘research’ which is simply cannot be verified. Within the termite management industry, there are only a few products which professionals...
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Termite Bait Eaten

Can I turn my existing Termite Baiting System into a colony killing machine?

Most homeowners with an existing termite baiting system are asking “Can I turn my existing Termite Baiting System into a colony killing machine?”, and most likely, the answer is yes! The revolution in Termite Baiting, is the introduction of the Termiticide Rod, by Sentricon. Cleverly, we have integrated our successful Termicure Termite Bait Stations, with...
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Brisbane Termite Protection

Brisbane Termite Protection options range from physical, chemical to visual barriers where the perimeter of a building is accessible. Physical Termite Barriers rely on a physical product which cannot be penetrated by termites, forcing them to the building exterior, or to a place where they can be seen, and consequently treated. Products such as Kordon,...
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Bulk Loading Sentricon Always Active Refills

Bulk Loading Sentricon Always Active Refills is perfect for stocking up Termicure Termite Bait Stations for remote properties and secure buildings. Whether you originally purchased the 1st Generation Termicure Termite Baiting System, the Gen 2 or the DIY System from Termicure, the stations are suitable. One of the advantages of the Termicure Termit Bait Stations...
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The Termicure Termite Baiting System has been integrated with specially formulated Sentricon Termiticide Rods, TO ATTRACT AND ERADICATE attacking termite colonies from your property. This same system installed by professional Pest Control companies is now available direct to the homeowner saving you money.