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Termite Bait Eaten

Most homeowners with an existing termite baiting system are asking “Can I turn my existing Termite Baiting System into a colony killing machine?”, and most likely, the answer is yes!

A conventional Exterra Termite Bait Station can be retrofitted with Termiticide Rods to turn them into an active Termite colony Killing machine.

The revolution in Termite Baiting, is the introduction of the Termiticide Rod, by Sentricon. Cleverly, we have integrated our successful Termicure Termite Bait Stations, with the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods, to make termite baiting simple for the homeowner as a DIY termite product. Being anything but ametuer, the Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods, contain both the attractant to draw the termites to the rods for feeding, but also the toxins to wipe out the colony, helping to protect your property.

Almost any cavity style termite baiting system (external in ground systems with a cavity for installation of attractant timbers), such as Exterra, Termicure, Sentricon, Termiatrix, Nemesis (with some modification) can be upgraded by simply removing the timber attractant materials and replacing them with Termiticide Rods.

This DIY Termite baiting attempt resulted in the attacking termites consuming the timbers in the baits, then moving into the house before the homeowner even knew the station was active.
With simple modification, this Nemisis system could have been retrofitted with the Termiticide Rods to prevent system neglect and failure.

Most Termite Baiting Systems use the cavity style principle so a termite bait matrix can be added when active termites are identified in a station. The conventional system of continual baiting until colony eradication has taken a big hit in popularity, with the Sentricon Always Active product having been released to the market. Now, instead of having to purchase attractant materials, timber, bait matrix and other cellulose products to fit suitably into whichever station you own, a termiticide rod can now replace it. It’s an attractant and a poison in one, which eradicates termite colonies.

So don’t feel trapped with your current termite baiting system. It can almost certainly be upgraded to make life even simple and a whole lot cheaper.


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