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The termite season is here….When are termites most likely to attack and what to look for.

Termites can attack at any time of year, but there is most certainly a ‘Termite Season’, so if you haven’t had a termite inspection recently, then keep reading… Like most other insects, peak termite activity occurs during times of high humidity, such as spring and summer. From about October, we start to see a major […]

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Termite inspection and protection

Termite Inspections are an absolute necessity if you want to keep your home in good shape. Employing the services of a good, local and independent termite specialist is usually the best option to get a quality inspection. In many cases, the smaller businesses with say, 3-4 technicians are likely to be the better choice as […]

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Termite protection and your home.

DIY termite protection is big business. Backyard manufacturers producing an array of products which claim to be the answer to the DIY Termite protection issue, all make their claims based on testimonials from homeowners, and ‘research’ which is simply cannot be verified. Within the termite management industry, there are only a few products which professionals […]

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Can I turn my existing Termite Baiting System into a colony killing machine?

Most homeowners with an existing termite baiting system are asking “Can I turn my existing Termite Baiting System into a colony killing machine?”, and most likely, the answer is yes! The revolution in Termite Baiting, is the introduction of the Termiticide Rod, by Sentricon. Cleverly, we have integrated our successful Termicure Termite Bait Stations, with […]

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Bunnings termite baits-are they a professional product?

Bunnings Termite Baits… Are they of a professional standard is the question many homeowners are asking. Well while we can’t be seen to be putting another product down, at the time of writing this, we can honestly say that we would not ever attempt to protect any property from termites, at any time with the […]

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