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Termite Baiting Systems – FAQ

Installing and monitoring a Termite Baiting System is usually left to the professional pest control companies.

Now you can manage and install yourself

Below are some common questions from customers. If you’re are still unsure contact us here.

Termicure Common Questions:

How far apart should Termite Bait Stations be installed?

Termicure Termite Bait Stations should be installed at 3 metre intervals and between 300-500mm away from the structure you wish to protect. This provides a good guide for most situations.

I have pathways or concrete/pavers around my house so where do I install my Termite Bait Stations?

The Termicure Baiting System can be installed into concrete or paved areas to adhere to the recommended 3 metre placement around your home. This involves having core holes drilled into the concrete in the required locations, and the addition of specific concrete seals to protect the bait. The Termicure Stations will need be trimmed to suit, which can be done easily, with a good pair of household scissors.

Once the hole has been cored, simply remove some soil to provide around a 250mm depth and install your modified Termicure Station with the rod inside, and then install the concrete seal to protect the rod. We can supply the concrete seals for concrete installations at your request. The recommended core hole size is 84mm diameter.

Many professionals will simply adjust placement of stations outside pathways and concrete areas to avoid having to have deal with the additional work.

How long do the Sentricon Always Active Rods last?

As per the Sentricon Technical Manual, The Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods have been found to be “durable for at least 5 years and possibly longer under most environmental conditions.”

Current trials in The US have found the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ rods to be effective for up to 11 years and counting, with trials continuing. The durability of the product is second to none. Further studies have also found that the aged baits were more attractive and readily consumed by termites.

At Termicure, we continue to monitor key Sentricon ‘Always Active’ trial sites in various locations in Australia since the revolutionary Termite Baiting System was released into the Australian Market. The ‘Always Active’ product is extremely long lasting with unbeatable simplicity.

Troubleshooting your Termicure Termite Baiting System:

Problem:My termite bait stations continue to fill up with soil

Solution: Bait stations should be serviced to prevent excessive build up of debris within the stations. Installing the stations so that the lid is flush with the surrounding ground level will help. Also, adding some moisture to the areas where the stations are installed will help to firm up the soil.

If you have particularly loose or sandy soil, installing the station wrapped in a piece of newspaper can help to keep the soil from falling in until the station is established.

Problem:I have ants invading my termite bait stations

Solution: Ants are natural predators of termites and will negatively affect the performance of a termite baiting system. The preferred method to deter ants from congregating inside a bait station, is to gently flood the area and station with water. This process may be required a few times, but generally, the ants will vacate. If this is unsuccessful, the station may have to be relocated.

Problem:I have slugs living in my bait stations

Solution: Slugs can deter termites from entering a station to feed. The solution is to simply clean out the station and re install the rod once complete.

Problem:I have other insects and pests invading my termite bait stations

Solution: Depending on the environment you have your Termicure Bait Stations installed in, you may find spiders or other insects taking up residence. By keeping your stations flush with the top of ground, you will limit what is able to easily enter the stations and they will remain an effective termite colony killing machine.