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Should I buy my DIY Termite Baits from Bunnings?

Bunnings Superway Termite Baiting Station 12 pack review

Bunnings has recently introduced another range of DIY termite baits alongside the Green Baits which have been stocked for some time. ‘Superway DIY Termite Bait Station – 4 Pack’, ‘Superway Termite Bait Station 12 pack’, and the ‘Superway 500g White Ant Termite Bait’.

The Bunnings Superway Termite Bait Station product.

The Termite Bait Stations themselves are not as critical as the treatment products or termite bait matrix. Termite baits can be easily made from some basic plumbing pipe and a drill, see the following link.

To the layperson, these bait stations may seem like a good option for a DIY Termite treatment or management system at home, and while the bait stations do look like a serviceable item (although a little small), it’s the Termite Bait itself is where the largest failure can occur when treating a termite infestation or an active termite bait station.

Termite Management product manufacturers spend millions on research and development of their products. Ensuring that treatment products are effective is paramount, and termite baiting is a very temperamental task if not undertaken correctly, and with the right products. Many of the smaller companies are unable to afford the high cost of quality Reasearch and development of their products, so they simply outsource a recipe for manufacture in China, and hope for the best. Many times, the products simply don’t work.

There are key factors with termite bait materials to ensure they’re effective. 
It must be palatable. Termites must want to consume the bait.
It must have the correct amount of active ingredient. While there are tolerances which deems how much active ingredient is mixed in with the bait matrix, these tolerances must be accurate. Too much of the active ingredient (in this case its Chlorfluazuron), the termites will not die out fast enough and the colony will regenerate. Too much of the active ingredient and the termites will die off too fast without being able to transfer the toxins through to the colony. This will prevent colony control from taking place, and the activity will continue.

Chinese Chlorfluazuron chemical in Australian Superway baiting station
The Chinese Chlorfluazuron active ingredient

The active ingredient must be of premium quality, with strict anti contamination measures at manufacturing to ensure that the matrix remains pure. Contaminants are the cause of many failed termite baiting attempts.

While the premium termite bait manufacturers such as Sherwood Chemicals (Termatrix) and Corteva (Sentricon Always Active) employ premium facilities and processes to ensure that their products do what they are designed to do, sending a recipe off to the cheapest manufacturer in China does not often encourage quality products.

So when it comes to Termite Baiting, ensure that your products are used and recommended by termite professionals. Our recommendation is only to use products which are used by professionals. The easiest way is to simply google search the product name ie. Termatrix, Sentricon, or Superway. If the product search only shows up on a manufacturer page (or Bunnings at this stage), then it may be wise to keep looking. If you google a product and it shows up on one of the major Termite Industry suppliers websites (Globe, Garrards, Ag Serv) then you are heading in the right direction.

P.S. The reviews for this product on the Bunnings product page may give you your final answer!

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