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The process of protection your home from termites with termite baits is not Rocket Science, so why not make your own termite baits. There are some key points which need to be considered, but with some simple DIY ingenuity, you can build your own system to keep termites out. Believe it or not, some retailers sell these stations to the public, without the need for custom manufactured, professional products.

There are some basic tools and materials required. What you’ll need…

1-A hacksaw

2-A battery drill

3-some drill bits

4-PVC Pipe (90mm stormwater pipe is fine)

5-2 suitable 90mm end caps.

6-PVC Glue

So, to successfully make your own termite baits, simply take a piece of 90mm PVC pipe, and cut it to a length of approximately 220mm. Termites predominantly forage in the upper 2-300mm of soil, so going too much deeper will be pointless, and going any shorter than about 205mm will be too small to fit the Termiticide Rod without modification.

Make your own termite baits with 90mm stormwater pipe and two pipe caps.

Once you have cut your pipe, glue on one of the end caps to form the bottom of the station. Drill multiple holes throughout the body of the pipe and end cap to create access for foraging termites to enter the station. Don’t remove too much material so that the station fills up with soil and debris.

Make your own termite baits

Keep the other end cap without gluing it, and this becomes your lid which you can remove to service and check your stations…..and that’s it! Now all you have yo do is insert your ‘Always Active’ Rods and you have a termite bait station which is as good as any on the market. Install the stations into the soil areas around your property, and service/monitor the system approximately every 3 months!

Insert your Termiticide Rod into your station

You may not win any awards for the appearance of the station, but they will be practical.

Make your own termite baits, and the load them with the Always Active Termiticide Rods.

These stations will cost you anywhere from $8-14, depending on your buying power or supplier. Bunnings is as good a place as any to purchase the bits and pieces you need.

The only bit you will have to purchase elsewhere is the Termiticide Rods, which can be purchased at discounted pricing here.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on making your own termite baits, please feel free to visit for a range of information on all things termite baits…