The the question of Termite Bait Protection is asked, many homeowners will have a termite professional visit their home to provide a quote, and then wonder why the costs are so high? Well, it’s a pretty simple answer. The costs of running a service based business are on the rise, and keeping great staff is becoming increasingly difficult so wages are also on the rise.

Termite Bait Protection can be successfully installed and managed as a DIY project, and you can literally save $thousands of $$.

We will never discount the value of having a professional termite manager service your home, but when it comes to termite bait protection, the homeowner is as capable of installing a successful system as any Termite Professional, provided that suitable products are used and that the correct guidelines are followed for bait station placement.

Lets look at the sums. ┬áSo, based off an actual quote for the installation of 24 termite bait stations and the first year of bait station servicing provided to a 4 bedroom home in Buderim, you’ll see the significant cost saving available for the savvy homeowner. The system quoted is a Termitrix system, combining the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods. (Please note that many Termite Professionals still use conventional termite bait systems, which exclude the Termiticide Rods. These systems do not contain the expensive products which attract and eradicate termites in one. They simply contain timber to attract termites to the stations. Further additional of a bait matrix is required for termite eradication, which can be difficult and time consuming-more expensive)

The combined cost of the installation and 12 months initial serving totals $2904GST Inclusive for 24 Termite Bait Stations installed into soil areas at approximately 3 metre intervals about the perimeter of the home. Included is 12 months service and maintenance on the termite bait stations with a replacement cost of $77 per termiticide rod as consumed by termites. Maintenance visits are at 12 week intervals, which means that an employee will visit 4 times in the first year to check on the stations.

This is a very competitive quote, with many Pest Managers charging well over $3500 for a similar installation.

On the other hand, the DIY Installation with a Termicure ‘Active’ System including the same Sentricon Termiticide Rods comes in at a far more manageable figure of $1320. Yes, there is going to be some elbow grease required to install the stations, and a 3 monthly station check is required. A guide for station placement and servicing is provided with experienced and qualified online and phone support at hand if you are uncertain about anything.

Even if you are not interested in doing the installation yourself, but decide employ a labourer of handyman to do the job at $50 per hour (a more than fair rate for the task), and the job was to take 4 hours, the additional $200 spent is still around half of what you would pay for the same termite bait protection.

One of the misconceptions about termite baiting is that you need to be qualified to install them-you don’t. Many professionals use unskilled labour for installs, and often servicing. This simply creates a huge cost saving and free’s up a qualified technician to earn the pest control business on other inspection or treatment work.

So, if you are considering Termite Bait Protection, then do your sums and ask LOTS of questions.

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