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Phone: 1300 283 764

There should be no reason that homeowner, or DIY termite protection will work as well as any professional system, at a fraction of the cost. Termite Barrier (chemical)  installation is a specialists job, which requires the use of potentially harmful chemicals, a huge amount of manual labour and expensive specialised equipment.

Creating a physical barrier by exposing the slab edge around a building is an excellent method which is a simple DIY Termite Protection concept, which simply exposes the main area where termite entry is likely to occur (the perimeter), so that their presence can be seen, and professional treatment arranged. With a slab on ground home, this is basically just lowering landscaping levels around the perimeter so that the edge of the slab can be clearly seen. A minimum of 75mm clearance from the next surface is the minimum I would run with. Even more if you can manage it.

DIY Termite protection via the installation a baiting system is an excellent option, with the right products. Traditional termite baiting concepts require 3 stages.

1.Installation of termite bait stations, and attractant materials (timbers).

2.Monitoring of installed stations

3. Treatment of active stations when termites have been identified. This treatment is done with an insect growth regulator, which affects the termites ability to malt, and can take up 12 months, with application of the bait matrix, and increased monitoring at 2 weekly intervals.

The conventional way can be extremely successful, however it is extremely time consuming once the eradication process begins, and there are many parts of the process where human error can cause termites to vacate the stations, and continue on to other areas of your property. Even experience termite professionals can have issues with termite baiting, through the simple nature of the process.

The Termicure ‘Active’ System is perfect for DIY termite protection, with only two simple stages…

  1. Installation of termite bait stations with Termiticide Rods.
  2. Check the stations every 3 months, and install an additional termiticide rod once termite activity has been identified. The poisoning of the colony has already begun. There is no need for mixing termite bait matrix’s or continual feeding.

The termiticide rods contain the materials to both attract, and eradicate an entire termite colony. Sold only as a professional product, it’s become a world leader in legitimate DIY termite protection, which is non toxic for humans or domestic animals.


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