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It’s a good scam by the manufacturers of DIY Termite Baits, but there is a good reason that most DIY Termite baits don’t work… They are simply not professional grade products, which are used in everyday termite management. Professionals don’t use DIY products, they use professional products such as Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods, which is why this is what we use and recommend in our professional termite baiting system.

There is a huge market for DIY in Australia. Bunnings has built a billion dollar empire based on the Do-It-Yourself concept which see’s every man and his dog renovating their homes themselves. Often, once the renovation has begun, the professionals are called in to rectify or complete most of the work as the homeowner realises that they either don’t have the time, knowledge or skill set to do the job properly.

Well this is the case with many DIY Termite Baiting projects, where the homeowner goes online and buys some fancy home termite bait kit, with special termite viewing windows and a bag of inferior bait… Disastrous, is a word used for this situation. These self proclaimed DIY Termite Bait kits mostly resemble a poor version of a professional product without any of the research and testing undertaken by the professional manufacturers.

Clever marketing and fancy ‘ebooks’ spruiked by some ‘Industry Leader’ are all too common hooks to get you to buy an inferior termite protection product, which is more likely to attract termites closer to your home to feed. These clever sales tactics would have you believe that baiting and eradicating feeding termites is a simple 1 step process, when in fact, it’s far from simple…and far from 1 step. Different termite species act and feed differently. Some are robust and can withstand a moderate level of disturbance without vacating a station, while others require only the slightest movement of their environment before they’ll run a mile from the termite bait you’re attempting to feed, and start chewing on your garage wall. It’s a minefield that you need to go into with all of the right information.

This DIY Termite baiting attempt resulted in the attacking termites consuming the timbers in the baits, then moving into the house before the homeowner even knew the station was active.

The Termicure ‘Active’ packs are a professional termite bait station, combined with the latest innovation by DowAgroScience, the Always Active Termiticide Rod.

Unlike every other DIY Termite Bait on the market, the installation of the Termicure ‘Active’ stations and rods will start to eradicate termites from the minute they begin feeding on the rods. The poison contained in the rods is the thing which attracts termites to feed, whilst providing them with a food source which the entire colony becomes dependent on, eventually taking the colony down. There is no clumsy amateur installation of termite bait, which will usually either contaminate the station, or simply scare the termites off to feast on another piece of framework located somewhere in your home.

DIY TERMITE BAITING IS A SCAM unless you are either extremely lucky, or you’re using the Sentricon Termiticide Rods.

Professional Termite Management Specialists still use conventional baiting methods, where a bait matrix is mixed and fed to active termes attacking a station. This process requires continual 2-3 weekly monitoring and adding more bait as the colony feeds. Wiping out a termite colony could take up to 12 months of feeding. In between all of this, there are many factors which could spook the feeding termites…causing them to run, and the process fails.

The beauty of the termiticide rods, is that there is nothing else which needs to be added to the station. Once a rod has been at least 50% consumed, you simply add another rod. By this point, the colony is unable to feed on any other food source, so they simply hook into the additional rod until colony destruction.

An active Termicure Termite Bait, with ‘Always Active’ termiticide rod

The termiticide rods have revolutionised the Termite Industry, and finally provided homeowners with a viable option of protecting their own property from termites.

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