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Phone: 1300 283 764

Like many other regions cross Queensland and Northern NSW, termites are rampant in all Sunshine Coast Suburbs. So termite protection Sunshine Coast is a necessity when keeping your home in one piece, but how much should I be paying?

Well depending on construction methods, size and layout of your home, pricing can vary from $2000 for a very small, basic dwelling, upwards and in excess of $10000 for a large or luxury property. Having said this, the average 3-4 bedroom home should be well protected with a long termite termite management, system for around about the $2500-$3000 mark. Where suitable, the installation of a chemical soil treatment would normally be the best form of protection, however in many cases, budget restrictions may put the affordability of a chemical soil treatment out of reach. In these instances, a DIY Termite Baiting System can be an excellent option.

There are many Termite Management Companies located on the Sunshine Coast who can facilitate a variety of products, but in most cases, where termite baiting is recommended, it will almost always be far cheaper to purchase a renowned system to install and monitor yourself. The homeowner can purchase their own professional Termicure Termite Baiting System, for comfortably less than half of the cost of the professional installation. With the introduction of Termiticide Rods to the Termite protection sunshine coast industry, there are very few situations which require professional management of baiting systems integrated with the latest Termiticide Rods. The Termiticide Rods integrated with the Termicure Active System, your home is being protected from the minute the stations are installed. We provide you with a practical guide to how the system should be installed, and what to do when the Termicure Termite Baits become active with Termites. The beauty of the Termicure Active System, is that there is really nothing to do, except check your stations every 3 months! If there are termites attacking a station, then the termiticide rods will do their job, and all that is required is to replace the rod once the termites have completed feeding on them. When more than half of a rod has been consumed, then it is assumed that colony control has been achieved. It’s that simple!

If you have any problems or concerns during the process, then we are available to help you with phone and email support. Whether your seeking termite protection sunshine coast areas, or anywhere else in the Australia, we are available to help you.

There certainly are alternatives when it comes to DIY Termite protection Sunshine Coast, but at this point in time, there are no alternatives which include the Termiticide Rods, which are actively protecting your home from the second they are installed. Conventional termite baits require more frequent servicing and monitoring (approximately every 6-8 weeks, and only once the activity has been detected are the stations then loaded with toxins to kill; the colony. Once loaded, the feeding process must continue approximately every 2 weeks to top up the bait matrix. This is where failure often occurs as the homeowner is not usually skilled or experienced enough to prevent contamination of the matrix, or excessive disturbance. Even seasoned professionals often have trouble keeping termites feeding because they are so temperamental.

The development of the Termiticide Rods used in the Termicure Active packs have revolutionised the termite industry, and simplified DIY Termite protection.

With this in mind, we would never advise against having at least an annual termite inspection performed by an experienced professional, but if you are looking at a termite baiting system installation, then the Termicure Termite Baiting System may be for you.

For further information and pricing, please visit the Termicure Website.


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