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Phone: 1300 283 764

Termite Information-Sunshine Coast

Seeking advice when it comes to termites can be a difficult task when finding a professional without an agenda. Whether you are seeking Termite information-Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney or anywhere else, we’ll be happy to help.

If you’ve just purchased your home, or you’re looking to upgrade your termite protection, then we are only too happy to help. Research has shown that the most common internet search terms when someone encounters termites at their property, is usually ‘termite information’, then followed by the region. i.e.. termite information-Sunshine Coast etc. One of the key features of determining whether you have a termite issue at your property is photographs. Clear termite photos will help you to determine whether what you have found is actually termites or a common ant.

Do termites have wings is another common question. Some ants have wings, so how can you tell the difference? Winged termites are termites which have either taken flight in order to find a mate and start a new colony, and will emerge at certain times of year, usually between October and April or during times of high humidity. You will find some photo’s of termites and damage on the website, however you will find an array of further information at Instagram or at our Termicure Facebook page.

There are multiple species of termites located on the Sunshine Coast, and there are multiple species of termites capable of causing extensive damage to structures in service, so having quality Termite Inspections annually is a must, along with having an active termite management system in place to help protect your property. Don’t let your property be on of the 30% of Sunshine Coast Homes get attacked by termites. Get the right advice, do your own research and ask your qualified termite professional questions which will help you to keep your home intact.




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