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Termite Baits-Simple Termite protection for the homeowner

When you purchase a home, one of the most important part of the process is to have a quality Building and Pest Inspection done to ensure that you are not buying someone else problems. Your inspector will report on whether an existing termite management system is in place and active. There should be a durable notice indicating the presence of a physical or chemical termite barrier, or termite baits to manage the risk of undetected termite activity.

If there is nothing installed at the property, then it is up to you to ensure that there is an effective form of termite management to help keep your investment safe. The main methods of termite management are:

1-Physical termite barriers. These are designed to make the presence of termites visible so that a homeowner can engage a professional to eradicate the activity before it’s able to do significant damage. Products such as Termimesha and Kordon are examples of this.

2-Chemical soil treatments or chemical barriers as they are known. The best products for the installation of a chemical barrier is Fipronil or other non repellents. The treated zones of soil about the perimeter of the building comes into contact with termites as if they attempt to access the structure. Fiprinil is passed back to the colony to eradicate attacking termite nests.

3-Termite Baits. Termite baits, like chemical soil treatments, termite baits are installed post construction, and are designed to aggregate foraging termites for treatment and ultimate eradication of the termite colony.

Installation of a termite baiting system is highly beneficial when the chemical soil treatment is not possible due to construction design, or if the chemical treatment is financially out of reach. Termite Baits, such as the Extra System has been used for professional termite managers for years. Maintenance and servicing of the systems is required to identify when termites are attacking the stations for toxins to then be applied.

The Termicure Active termite baits are integrated with a Termiticide Rod, which contains the toxins for eradication. The Termiticide Rod is installed into the stations and contains both the attractant and poison to kill the nest. That way the window of opportunity to get in contact with the colony is not lost. From the minute the stations are installed, they are ready to wipe out attacking termite colonies.

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