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Phone: 1300 283 764

We get a lot of enquiry about DIY Termite Barrier Sunshine Coast area, because of the elevated risk of termite attack in this region.

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most at risk areas on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, for termite attack on structures in service-primarily homes. Over many years, homeowners have made many attempts to install DIY Termite Barriers Sunshine Coast, and unfortunately due to lack of education, the success of treatments is limited, and termite attack goes undetected for long periods of time before their presence is noticed. Often, the homeowner will install their own termite protection, and neglect to have their home inspected annually, and through inexperience and lack of knowledge, the termite protection is not complete, allowing termite entry and subsequent structural damage.

Due to the expense of specialised equipment required for the installation of a chemical soil treatment, commonly known as the ‘termite barrier’, it is difficult, if not impossible to install a treatment correctly. The installation of a DIY termite barrier Sunshine Coast, should be replaced with the installation of Dynamic Termite Baiting System, such as the ‘Termicure Active’.

The Termicure Active is a combination of an existing Australian made and renowned Termite Baiting product, with the integration of the most technologically advanced ‘Termiticide Rod’s produced by DowAgro. The Termiticide Rods used in the Termicure Active System are simple and effective. Once they are installed into the grounds around a property, they are at work attracting termites for colony eradication. Not only are they they a professional product used around the world, but we’ve packaged them to be the simplest form of DIY Termite protection for Sunshine Coast and other high risk areas.

So DIY Termite Barrier Sunshine Coast vs DIY Termite Baits is a pretty obvious choice. With the correct Termite Baiting System, Termite protection on the Sunshine Coast should be simpler than attempting a DIY Termite Barrier installation without the correct equipment and training.

For More information on the Termicure Termite Baiting System, visit here.

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