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Phone: 1300 283 764

Termite Baiting Systems

On the Sunshine Coast, Termite Baiting Systems are a popular, and effective way to reduce the risk of termite infestation on your home.

Termite activity in the Sunshine Coast Region is exceptionally high, and protection of property is a major issue when it comes to termite management. The installation of a termite baiting system is recommended by almost every termite professional in the area, simply because of the high rate of infestation and damage to property resulting from termite attack. Termite Baiting Systems will help to reduce the risk extensively provided that a quality system has been installed correctly, and is serviced frequently enough. Many termite professionals will charge in excess for $3000 for an averaged sized 3-4 bedroom home and termite baiting system with approximately 20-25 stations. Servicing and maintenance of a termite baiting system of this size would be around the $1000 mark, with large margins available for the installation company.

While this does seem reasonable for protection of a $500,000 investment, there are major savings available with the Termicure Termite Baiting Systems. Installation of an average 2o station termite baiting system should take the average homeowner roughly 3-4 hours to install correctly. Monitoring and servicing of the Termicure Active System, would take approximately half an hour per quarter. That’s all! So for the sake of 5-6 hours of your time, you could save yourself $1900 in the first year, and for 2 hours of your time spent checking your stations over a 12 month period, you would save around $1000 in servicing fee’s.

Many homeowners would question the quality of termite baiting systems available for DIY installation, particularly with such huge saving being evident. Rightly so, as most DIY Termite Baiting systems are an amateur product, which are extremely restrictive with treatment and installation options, however the Termicure Termite Baiting Systems are dynamic, allowing for multiple treatment methods. Spot treatments, conventional bait matrix application and Termiticide rod installation are all successful methods of treatment with the Termicure System. On many occasions, your termite professional will be quoting for the installation of the Termicure System, as they are used by professional pest management companies across Australia.

So, if you’re on the Sunshine Coast, and you’re looking to install an effective form of Termite Management, click here for find out more about how Termicure Termite Baits can save you thousands!



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