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Phone: 1300 283 764

Purchasing a property in Brisbane (or anywhere in fact) is a stressful affair because of the hectic real estate market. Getting your pre purchase building inspection report and deciphering the information can be a difficult task, however the one thing which is always recommended is the termite protection Brisbane is super important.

Brisbane is one of the highest risk areas across the country, so ensuring that your Brisbane property has good protection is essential. The CSIRO has undertaken significant research regarding the areas at most risk of termite activity, and The Eastern seaboard between Port Macquarie and Cape York, rates at the highest, with certain pockets extremely active throughout the other states.

So your termite professional will recommend one of two options when it comes to termite management. They will be a chemical soil treatment (known as a termite barrier) or a Termite Baiting System. Termite baiting systems are a simple concept where palatable food sources are installed into baiting stations to attract termites, while the termite professional services these stations, poisoning the activity once they become active. This is a very time consuming operation, which requires just a little knowledge and not a great deal of skill. The process of installation and servicing can be expensive too, with installations running at around $3000 for the average home, and $1000 in annual servicing.

This is why we developed the Termicure Termite Baiting System, in conjunction with a Termiticide Rod. When it comes to termite protection Brisbane, the Termicure Active product will keep your costs to a minimum, while providing professional protection. The Termicure Termite Baiting System has been specifically designed to guide the homeowner through protecting their homes, without the need for expensive serving and maintenance of the baits. Termite Protection Brisbane is one thing, but paying more than price what you should be is another.


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