Professional Termite Baits vs Termicure ‘Active’

There are many homeowners currently researching termite protection, and trying to figure out how to best protect their home with Professional Termite Baits, or the Termicure ‘Active’ system, so we have put together some information to help you make the choice. The main question you need to ask about whichever termite baits you decide on, and that is “Will this product provide my home with protection from the minute it’s installed??”

First up, if you’re not interested in doing a bit of manual labour, then installing your own system may not be your thing. Having professional termite baits installed will certainly be a lot simpler in that you can sit back and watch someone else do the install for you, but you definitely pay for the privilege. Installation of each station is done with the use of a post hole digger, and a small garden shovel. A cheap pair of tongs will be handy to remove any loose soil which might invade the holes once you’ve dug them out. The next step is simple. Unwrap a Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide rod, and place it into the Termicure Termite Bait station, and then clip the lid into place. Now place the whole station in the hole. Make sure the top of the station fits flush, and pack some excess soil around the station to keep it steady in the ground and you are done!


Now, this is the process used for the Termicure ‘Active’ System, as installed by the homeowner….And it’s exactly the same for the professional. There is no difference, apart from a couple of thousand dollars in the privilege of having someone else do the installation for you.

Something which Most Termite┬áManagement Companies won’t tell you, is that many Baiting Systems are installed and serviced by unqualified labourers, who will often know less about termites, and certainly care less about your home, that you!

Servicing of the system is also simple. Every 3 months, simply take a small screwdriver and pop the station lid… If there are termites feeding on the rod, then replace the lid and check again in about a month. If it looks like termite have almost consumed the termiticide rod, then add another one. The beauty of the Termicure stations, is that they can be loaded with multiple rods to ensure that termites don’t run out of food. Keep in mind that once termites begin to feed on the Termiticide Rods, they are soon unable to consume any other material, so they become dependent on the actual product that is leading to their demise.

Active Termite Baits. This is a Termicure ‘Active’ Combination installed into concrete.

So, again, the process of the professional service and maintenance of their system is….exactly the same! Again!

So don’t be fooled into paying for a professional and spending thousands of dollars you just don’t have to. I would certainly recommend that if you have active termites in your home, or are due for an annual inspection, then go ahead and contact a reputable, local Termite Professional to help you out.

Don’t be caught in the expensive termite professionals trap of paying a fortune for ‘professional termite baits when you can buy, install and service them for less than half the price of the pro’s. We have the product, and qualified support to help you through. You will also find helpful hints and tips on our Facebook page.

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