Active Termites and your home-What should I do?

So you’ve found active termites and you’re panicking, wondering what to do… Well first up, don’t touch anything, and don’t disturb the activity any further. Next, you want to get in contact with a local reputable Termite Management Specialist and have them undertake an active termite treatment to the activity and also a full termite inspection to the property to determine if there is any further activity which requires treatment.

Active Coptotermes Soldier displaying displaying latex from head

There are a few ways that a spot treatment can be undertaken. There is the liquid, foam or dust application to the active termites with a non repellent termiticide option. This spot treatment procedure is designed to contact as much termite activity as possible, whereby the contacted termites pass the active ingredient to the rest of the colony, ultimately wiping it out. The most common termiticides for this use are FipForce Aqua and Termidor, and can be applied in various forms, depending on the technicians preference and situation. Liquid, Foams and dusts are the options.

There is also the above ground termite baiting option where a small box containing access holes to an insect growth regulator are attached to the activity. With this method, the active termites make their way into the box and begin to consume the bait matrix, which is the food source containing the insect growth regulator. Over a period of time-usually about 8-12 weeks, the active termites will feed on the bait, passing it through to the nest, and ultimately causing it’s demise.

In any case, once the termites have been eradicated from the building, you need to start considering what to do about preventing the same from occurring again. A termite management system is required to keep your home as protected as possible from termite attack.

Damage caused by previous termite activity within the building.

Your options are the installation of a chemical termite barrier (chemical soil treatment), or a termite bait installation.

Our advice to any homeowner who is considering the termite bait installation, is to only consider a system which does not require any addition of treatment materials to the stations once activity is found. This is the old method which has been quickly overtaken by the recent products released, which contain the attractant materials and toxins to eradicate active termites from your property.

The Termicure ‘Active’ System contains termiticide rods which require no treatment. Simply add additions rods to the termite bait stations once the originals have been depleted by termites and keep your home protected 24/7.

Click here for more information on our Termicure ‘Active’ Packs, and protect your home from the minute the stations are installed. This system can be purchased and installed by the homeowner, or simply request your Termite Specialist to install it for you if you would prefer to leave it to the experts.

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