Can you turn your Exterra Termite Bait Stations into the Termicure Baiting System?

Like thousands of homeowners out there, many of you will have had Exterra Termite Baits installed at your home at some point. Exterra produce an excellent termite bait station, with large volume for applying a good amount of the insect growth regulator required for traditional termite feeding. A very popular choice with Termite Professionals because of the high quality with both the stations and the bait matrix they combine.

Over the last couple of years, Dow has released an industry changing Termiticide Rod, which deletes the need for attractants, such as timber, which has been installed with bait stations for many years, to attract termites for the next stage of management – treatment. So, essentially, the conventional method of termite baiting was to install and attract. Followed by monitor and feed when the stations become active. While this process has been successful, it’s very labour intensive, and the introduction of the Sentricon Termiticide Rods, has drastically changed the industry, and extremely fast.

Now, all that is required, is the installation of a termiticide rod. There’s no timber required, and no bait application once activity has been detected. The Termiticide Rod attracts, and destroys the termite colony, all without the need for a professional to become involved. This takes out the necessity of constant monitoring to detect activity. It also removes the complex process of termite feeding, by adding a bait matrix to the stations, which in turn removes the human error which can send active termites back underground and completely ruin the opportunity for gaining control of the attacking termite colony.

So, if you have the Exterra Termite Baits at your home, and you would like to upgrade them to be ‘Always Active’, it’s a simple task of removing the 6 timbers from the Exterra Stations, and replacing them with the ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods.

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