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Phone: 1300 283 764

DIY Termite Control-Better Value, or just ‘cheaper’?

DIY Termite Control is a concept almost every homeowner asks themselves, when their termite inspector recommends the installation of a termite management system.

“If I do it myself, am I going to save money, or am I going to cause a problem?”

Well, having a professionally managed termite protection management system is always going to be the recommendation any expert will give you. Bound by liability, termite professionals cannot be seen to give advice which may result in poor standards of management. And then, they are not likely to want to tell you that DIY Termite control is an option either, as its business they might miss out on.

The options a homeowner has when it comes to DIY Termite Control are limited. There are really only two methods used to protect a home from termites. The Chemical Soil Treatment method, known as a ‘chemical barrier’, and the termite baiting method. The chemical barrier option is restricted to those who have specific equipment to perform the task, which requires a high volume pump and industry specific injection tooling. This is usually not considered a viable DIY Termite Control Method as the cost of equipment would usually outweigh the cost of having it professionally installed.

The other method of DIY Termite Control, is with the use of Termite Baits. Termite Baits are easily installed with just a shovel, and servicing and monitoring is a simple inspection of the stations and specific intervals, depending on the station. The Termite Baiting method is a far simpler and more viable option which can be well adapted for DIY Termite Control with quality guidance from a trained professional. We at Termicure can provide the specific guidance to make DIY Termite Control a viable option, and save the average homeowner thousands of dollars in the process.

So the next time your Termite Professional tells you that you need to install a termite management system at your home, give us a call and we’ll help you sort out the best way to save some of your hard earned cash.

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