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DIY Termite Barrier-How hard is it?

When you last had your termite inspection at home, your termite inspector would have no doubt advised the installation of a termite management system. Well, if he did then great. That is what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to advise you on any way in which you can reduce the risk of undetected termite attack on your property, but I bet that a DIY Termite Barrier was the last thing to cross his lips….

DIY Termite barrier installation sounds like a good way to save dollars around the home, but what’s involved? Well a chemical soil treatment,  known as a ‘termite barrier’ is where a a professional who is qualified in the application of chemical, treats all of the soil abutting the exterior of a structure, in order to prevent undetected termite entry. Without specific training and specialised equipment, a DIY Termite Barrier is not recommended practice. In order to get the equipment to facilitate a DIY Termite Barrier installation, you would have to spend around $5000 just to get a basic pump/spray rig to do the job.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible…I’m just saying, that you aren’t likely to save money by doing it this way.

There are methods and some circumstances where a DIY Termite Barrier can work, but it may be cheaper to have a professional do it, or install a Termite Baiting System under guidance from us at Termicure. The large amounts of product which needs to be installed to be effective can be incorrectly mixed, or installed, which can lead to the system breaking down and being rendered ineffective. This is a long and labour intensive process to go through for little or no gain.

So, a DIY termite barrier installation may not be our recommended method of termite protection, but rest assured, there are options and we’ll gladly help you make the right choices.



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