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DIY Termite Baiting: The latest news…

DIY Termite Baiting has become a far more successful than ever before. With the introduction of new products which are replacing the conventional baiting methods, there is now far less room for human error.

DIY Termite Baiting, and professional termite baiting has been around for years. The 3 step process of aggregation, inspect and treat provides 3 separate opportunities for the process of a successful baiting program to be hindered by human error. Aggregation materials can be contaminated during installation if the installer has chemical, food remnants or cigarette smoke on their hands, the system can be ineffective. Following the installation of the system, the installer must physically check the stations at approximately 8 week intervals. This may seem simple, but technicians CAN be lazy…which leaves you completely unprotected. This is also the reason that you should ask for personal references to a reputable Termite Specialist Company, and not just call the biggest name in Google.

Whilst DIY Termite Baiting has become a more common undertaking of the homeowner, there are certain things which will increase the chance of success of a DIY Termite Baiting System. The introduction of termiticide rods, which acts as the attractant to aggregate the termites, and also destroy the colony.

So, as long as you install the system with clean hands and in suitable locations (which we at we can help you with), you simply have to check the stations every 2-3 months to monitor the activity. As far as DIY Termite Baiting goes, this is a very good way to go. It takes the human error part out of the baiting system, and you just have to ensure that the termiticide rods are in good shape, and that they have not been consumed.

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