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Phone: 1300 283 764

DIY Termite…Inspection?? Treatment?? Management?? Protection??

One of the most common phrases when it comes to the homeowner handling the termite situation at home, is simply “DIY Termite”.

Within the Termite Industry, there are thousands of terms which are used and avoided to help prevent a liability situation for a Termite Management Company. Firstly, lets discuss the termite DIY Termite Management.

Termite management is a phrase used to indicate a method or procedure to manage the conditions at a property.

DIY Termite Management is obviously a procedure of,  presumably the homeowner managing the the termite situation.

Termite Protection-is a phrase used very carefully as it indicates a system which ‘protects’ a structure from termites, and this phrase can leave a termite professional very exposed. On the flipside, DIY Termite Protection leaves the responsibility and liability with the owner of the property.

Termite Treatment relates to the treatment of an active termite infestation, and can be within a structure, a tree, a stump a nest or a bait station among others. It refers to the treatment of a current termite infestation.

DIY Termite Treatment is something which most responsible professionals would avoid recommending, unless the homeowner has a professionally adapted system to facilitate DIY Termite treatment and management in one. The Termicure DIY Termite Management system has been specifically redesigned to take the tricky parts out of the treatment and management process.

What was primarily a professional Termite Management tool for industry professionals, is now a reliable DIY Termite Solution for the homeowner.

With the advice of a qualified and insured Termite Professional inspecting your home annually (as a minimum), Termicure can save you with DIY Termite management.

As always, we are there to advise you throughout the process, so you’ll never be left out in the cold. We even have an extensive database of qualified professionals in your area to help if you get stuck.




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