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DIY Termite Treatment-Is it Ok?

We are often asked this question by our customers… “Can I do a DIY Termite Treatment at my property?”

It’s a natural question to ask, when homeowners are continually hit with the rising costs of pretty much everything. Rates, water, electricity and maintenance costs are continually on the rise, and its only fair that we try to save where we can.

DIY Termite Treatment can be misunderstood, and as much as many Termite Professionals will begrudgingly allow you to service and monitor your Termite Baiting Systems, DIY Termite Treatment is something which is not recommended. There are many products available on the market including the Termicure Termite Baiting System, which allow you to save $$ in the management of termites on your property. Many of these products can be purchased with Bait Matrix and DIY Termite Treatment products, but the homeowner must be competent in the process. Many products are restricted to professional use, and this guideline must be strictly adhered to for environmental and safety reasons, but experience is the key. DIY Termite Treatments simply don’t work much of the time due to inexperience.

Many Termite Professionals will spend decades refining their skills, and still not achieve a 100% success rate, and they will not recommend that homeowners undertake DIY Termite Treatments.

Having said all of this, technology has made termite treatments more successful. The development of non repellent termiticides, and termiticide rods has made DIY Termite Treatments more successful. The conventional Termite Bait Matrixes, specifically designed for use in Termite Baiting Systems, have at least made the DIY Termite Treatment option a safer one, when it comes to personal safety.

So many professionals will be strongly against DIY Termite Treatment, and their views can be justified, but there is also the view from the homeowners perspective and as long as you are prepared to adhere to all product labels and recommendations, then DIY Termite Treatment may just be an option.

As always, we at Termicure Termite Baits would recommend that you seek the advice of a reputable termite professional.


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