What are the advantages of a Termite Baiting System?

So lets get one thing straight about termite baiting systems…

Termite Baiting Systems are one method of providing a flexible method of termite protection to property. There are two other methods used throughout Australia in addition to the Termite Baiting System process. Whilst Termite Baiting systems provide an excellent management tool against termites, they are not always the most suitable method of keeping termites out. The advantages of termite bait systems are varied, but the major points for their use are ease of installation, suitable for homeowner Use or DIY Termite Protection, and flexibility.

Termite Baiting Systems can be installed and used on almost any site to protect property.

1-Chemical soil treatment: A chemical soil treatment is where a termiticide is applied to the soil about the perimeter of your home (often known as a chemical barrier), or below the concrete slab prior to the installation of the concrete foundations (commonly known as an under slab spray).

Chemical Soil Treatments are not possible on all buildings. For example, the installation of a chemical soil treatment or ‘chemical barrier’ may not be possible to cover all potential entry points. Internal retaining walls or step downs in a slab, and pipe penetrations are often impossible to protect with a chemical barrier.

The under slab spray is also a very specific form of termite protection as it can only be performed during the construction stage. One disadvantage of this method is that re treatment of the under slab soils is virtually impossible once a building has been completed. In Queensland, this method is no longer an option sa it is considered a non renewable method of termite management.


2-Physical Termite Barrier: The physical termite barrier method relies on a material such as a stainless steel mesh top be installed to areas of the building at construction stage, which force termites to make themselves visible, prior to being able to access the susceptible materials within the structure.

Physical Barriers rely on vigilance and exposure of the physical barrier. Garden beds, driveways and pathways are often the cause of the physical barrier becoming technically useless, as the opportunity for detection of termites has been concealed. The other issue is that the property must be checked regularly to ensure that there are no signs of termites breaching the barrier. Often tenanted homes are not checked as often as they should. This is all in addition to the minimum requirement of a 12 monthly inspection.

So whilst all methods of termite management certainly have their limitations, the termite baiting system method is  a very flexible option. Termite baiting systems are also very affordable for the vigilant homeowner to manage and inspect.

Treatment of active termites however, is recommended to be undertaken by a suitably qualified termite professional, whether in your termite baiting system, or elsewhere on your property.


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