DIY Termite Treatment Options-Protection of property

DIY Termite Treatment options are pretty well restricted to two methods:

1-Chemical Treated Zone (chemical Termite Barrier)

2-Termite Baiting Systems

The installation of a chemical termite barrier is probably the most successful and lowest maintenance option of all for MOST types of construction. It involves strategic placement of chemical into the soil abutting a structure. Termites attempting to enter the structure are then forced to travel though treated soil and are either repelled, or unknowingly travel through the soil, picking up deadly toxins which are transferred back to the nest.

This process is labour intensive, and required specialised equipment to install, and therefore is not really considered a DIY Termite Treatment option for the average homeowner. Not to mention the issues around application of restricted products.

This is why the second option for DIY Termite Treatment is the most suitable for most homeowners and termite management.

Termite Baits are an easy to install and monitor DIY Termite Treatment method, which simply involves digging small holes to house your termite baits. Depending on the level of protection you wish to achieve, termite baits can be placed as a spot monitoring tool, or as a full perimeter management. Spot monitoring of termite baits refers to simply installing termite baits to areas where termite activity is more likely due to conducive conditions, such as tree stumps or damp areas. DIY Termite Treatment can then take place, and is commonly undertaken much faster than full perimeter termite baiting systems.

Full Perimeter DIY Termite Treatment solutions using baits provides a more complete way to manage termites. Placement of stations every 3 metres around the building perimeter is gives a wider variety for foraging termites to feed, and so once the food source of the bait station has been detected, then the feeding process will begin, and the DIY Termite treatment options become the key. Full perimeter installations combined with the spot treatment monitoring method is going to be the most effective form of intercepting the termite activity on your property. It provides the usual perimeter as a consistent and available food source for the foraging termites, and then the spot monitoring of high risk areas gives you the best of both worlds.

So, DIY Termite Treatment is a viable alternative to paying a professional. Just take all of the factors into account such as what you are physically prepared to do. Installation of a chemical barrier is extremely difficult work, with specialised equipment required for the application of restricted products. Termite baits, are far easier to install, and application of products for DIY termite treatment are far less of an issue.

If in doubt, DIY termite treatment may not be your best option. Sometimes it’s easier to pay an insured and licensed professional.

Good Luck!

-Termicure Termite Baits-


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