Brisbane Termite Baits-Are they necessary?

In Brisbane Termite Baits are one part of an integrated defence system against termites in Brisbane and surrounding areas. There are high risk locations around Australia, and as highlighted by the CSIRO, Brisbane is an area deemed ‘High Risk’ for termite infestation of structural dwellings.

There Eastern Seaboard of Australia is one of the highest risk zones across our country for Termite Activity. North of the Tweed, The CSIRO clearly indicates that the risk of termite attack on dwellings is considered the highest risk category for termite activity, placing Brisbane in the heart of termite country, so for Brisbane termite baits are a highly recommended addition to the an important termite management plan.

In Brisbane Termite baits are a common installation around properties, and although there are other very effective methods of termite management, Brisbane termite baits are the simplest and most effective forms of termite protection and management available for the homeowner to manage. The installation of chemical soil treatments (commonly referred to as ‘termite barriers’ is probably the safest bet for the average slab on ground dwelling, but in Brisbane Termite Baits are common because there are so many homes built in the traditional ‘Queenslander’ style, which means that the traditional chemical soil treatments are often impossible to provide full protection.

In addition to the annual inspection which homeowners should have undertaken by a termite professional each year, the installation of quality Brisbane termite baits will assist in significantly reducing the risk of a termite infestation. Have no doubt, that depending on the construction of your property, in Brisbane Termite Baits are going to be an important part (if not the most important part) of keeping your home free of costly termite damage.

The Termicure Termite Bait stations are manufactured in Brisbane, with research and development undertaken in the area where the product is most used. For Brisbane Termite Baits by Termicure, have been manufactured, tested, developed, redeveloped and designed for Australia’s High Risk zones. Not made or tested in other countries, where possible, we utilise every opportunity to ensure that Australians are benefiting from an All Australian product.

So if you own property in Brisbane Termite Baits are going to provide you with a very good method of keeping your property termite free. Seeking the advice of a local Termite Professional is advised to ensure that you are keeping your home in the best conditions possible.

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