Phone: 1300 283 764
Phone: 1300 283 764

Protect your Maroochydore home from termites-yourself.

If you are serious about DIY Termite Protection in Maroochydore, then the Termicure ‘Active’ System is the solution for you.

Inspection by a Termite Specialist is always the best but termite protection can be easy and far less expensive for you, if you do it yourself-the right way. The right products and guidelines are important, and that’s where Termicure Termite Baits excel, because that’s what we do. We make DIY Termite Protection in Maroochydore and other areas simple for you to achieve.

The Termicure ‘Active’ System uses the revolutionary Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods Combined with the Termicure Termite Baiting stations. They provide far greater scope for continual termite feeding (poisoning) without having to remove the active rod from the station. The Termicure stations are large enough to install a second ‘Always Active’ rod, without the need to remove an active rod. ¬†Termites can continue to feed on the original rod, with the extra one installed as a secondary, with minimal disturbance.

The Sentricon Always Active System has ben a game changer in the Termite Bait world. Conventional Termite Baits contain attractive materials for termites to eat. There is no poison included to eradicate the colony, and this is where you require a professional. The addition of a termite bait is then necessary to begin a finicky feeding process. Termites are easily disturbed, and the clumsy termite inspector is usually the cause of termite baiting failures. Laziness on behalf of your technician is usually the cause of termite bait station abandonment.

With the Termicure ‘Active’ System, we don’t just sell you a DIY Termite Protection System. You are able to buy high grade, professional products, and we teach you how to make it work best for you. Our products are not designed for DIY Termite protection. We have adapted a professional system and simplified it for you, to make it affordable. We don’t supply anything that is cheap, rather, it’s priced fairly to give you access to professional products.

There is nothing that a savvy homeowner can’t do with the Termicure ‘Active’ System. We give you the guidelines and support to make it work. We’ll make sure that you know exactly what you need to do, and you can sit back and relax, satisfied that your home has a high level of protection. Don’t spend your hard earned money needlessly on expensive ‘professional’ systems, when you can achieve the same result, and save more than half the money you’d need to fork out.

Take a look at our pricing, and do some sums. Get a quote for an Always Active Baiting System from your local professional, and work out the savings.



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