Brisbanes Best Termite Protection, and it can be DIY.

Brisbanes best Termite protection for a range of property styles will be a Termicure ‘Active’ Termite Baiting System, which can be installed by a professional as a fully monitored and serviced Termite Management System, or as a DIY Termite Management System. The only difference is the price…

The Termicure ‘Active’ System is a termite baiting product which is used throughout Australia, by Termite professionals seeking passive colony control. This means that once termites attack the Termiticide Rods inserted into the stations, colony control has commenced and the eradication process has begun without the need for any bait matrix to be applied to the stations.

The advantage of this system for the DIY Installer is that termites are attracted to the stations as the Termiticide Rods are more attractive to attacking termites than the standard timbers used in many stations. Not only are the Termiticide Rods attractive to termites, but they contain an insect growth regulator which is responsible for the demise of the colony once feeding has commenced.

Other advantages over normal baiting systems are that the Termiticide rods are good for up to 5 years in the ground, when timbers would normally be replaced within 3-6 months. Upkeep is kept to a minimum, and even if stations are left unchecked for an extended period of time, they are still active, and are able to eradicate termites without the knowledge of the homeowner.

So, with many advantages, it s obvious why the Termicure ‘Active’ System is Brisbanes best termite protection. An all round system capable of a high level of protection with a minimum of servicing and expense.

So if you are looking for a DIY system, The Termicure ‘Active’ Termite Baiting System is the one you want at your home.

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