DIY Termite Protection Kits-It’s easier than you think.

If you’re looking for an effective way to protect your home from termites, with a proper, commercial termite bait product, then you’re in luck with Termicure DIY Termite Bait Kits.

Depending on the size of your home, we offer small, medium and larger DIY Termite Protection kits for your home. All of our products contain premium quality products which are only available from certified Pest Management wholesalers throughout Australia.

Termicure 'Active' Packs contain the solution to the DIY Termite Baiting Scam with Sentricon 'Always Active' Rods
Termicure ‘Active’ Packs contain the solution to the DIY Termite Baiting Scam with Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods

Our DIY Termite Protections kits include the revolutionary Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods, which are inserted into in ground bait stations, to attract and kill attacking termites. Unlike any other product available on the market, the Sentricon Rods begin protecting your property from the moment they are installed.

At the time of writing, the Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods are the only termite bait which has the ability to attract and kill termites. Every other termite baiting system on the market (professional or otherwise) only attracts termites to the station… It is then up to the termite manager to identify when the station is being attacked, and then undertake a treatment by either mixing and adding a bait matrix, or applying a non repellent termiticide.

These conventional type baiting systems require vigilant servicing and monitoring, along with the right bait matrix and experience to add it correctly without contaminating the matrix or having the termites abandon the station. It can be tricky.

So, at the very least, even if you are a bit slack and don’t check your stations on schedule, with the Termicure DIY Termite Protection Kits, you have a good chance of eradicating attacking termites without even knowing. We aren’t suggesting that you neglect your termite bait stations, but from the moment the colony begins to feed, they are on their way to their own destruction. Our Termicure DIY Termite Bait Kits contain Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Rods. It’s the only commercially available system of it’s type in Australia, and we’ve set it up so that you, the homeowner can be successful in protecting your own property from termites without spending Thousands on a Professional for a baiting system.

Many happy homeowners have come to us after receiving a quote to install baits around their home, and then purchased a DIY Termite Bait Kit from us with all of the same bait products for less than a third of the cost.

It can be extremely risky purchasing DIY Products from Bunnings or online to do something a professional would normally do, but in this case, we provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to get it done right.