DIY Termite Control-Termicure Termite Baits and alternatives

Every Homeowner wants the ability to manage their own property, whether with a DIY termite control system, or even the ability to change the colour scheme on the front door. The whole reason that most people want to own their own home and not rent, is so that they can personalise their home to suit their specific tastes and requirements.

DIY Termite Control is another one of the options which homeowners mostly want the ability to manage. This doesn’t mean that every homeowner physically wants to manage their own Termite Baiting System, but they want the opportunity to be able to manage it themselves. At Termicure, we will NEVER advise any homeowner against having the advice of a professional Termite Inspector assess their home, and provide recommendations on how to manage the risk of termite attack. Professional Termite Technicians are a necessity, and having your home inspected by one on an annual basis (minimum) is also a necessity. Having a professional Termite management system in place is far better than having a DIY Termite Management system to protect your home, but having a professional termite baiting system in place, which can be managed by the homeowner is the solution. Professional Termite Management, can be easily transitioned to DIY Termite control with the Termicure Termite Baiting systems.

Using the quality and flexibility of a professional Termite Baiting System, but placing the option of DIY Termite Control in your hands is our goal. Providing the homeowner with options, specific to their time, money and personal preference is important to us, along with providing an outstanding product which is capable of professional, or DIY Termite Control when requested.

So before you decide on what system you are going to install at your home, firstly, speak with your local professional, then click here to see why Termicure is the best choice for DIY Termite Protection at your place.


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