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DIY Termite Baits-Should I leave this to the professionals?Why are the professionals so much more expensive than DIY Termite Baits?

Homeowners often look at the cost difference between DIY Termite Baits, and the huge additional expense of having a system professionally installed, and think that there must be some huge difference in skill levels and system quality. Well this can be partially true, but don’t be fooled. The savvy homeowner can easily install their own DIY Termite Baits which are just equal-or above in quality, as the professionals might offer.


Most of the DIY Termite Baits which are available to the homeowner are based around the most simple way to extract money from the frugal homeowner, and they are unfortunately rarely anything like the professional ‘Exterra’ or ‘Termicure’, which are used daily, by professionals. There are many gimmicks used to sell an ‘easy install’ products, but in reality, there needs to be some effort put towards the issue. Professional, or DIY Termite Baits used to help protect property need to be installed into the areas where they are going to intercept termite activity.

DIY Termite Baits should realistically be installed into the top 300mm of soil in locations approximately 3 metres about the exterior perimeter of the building. Termites forage primarily within this top 300mm, so the stations which are simply placed on top of the soil or pavers are not going to do the best job of intercepting the activity.

The stations should be installed ‘in ground’, and provide a lid, with a cavity stocked with attractant materials, or preferably, termiticide rods. This cavity allows the station to be stocked with treatment products. Termite Bait Matrix, commonly known as the bait, must be added to the stations in order for the active termites to feed, and keeping supply up to them is difficult without a decent sized feeding cavity.

Installation should take place just outside what we call the ‘drip line’. Sun was directly above your home, the stations would be installed at 3 metre intervals, just outside the shaded area. This ensures that the stations are not installed too close to the building, causing a termite entry issue from a station which is too close.

So, there is no special magic required to choose and install DIY Termite Baits to your property. There are huge profit margins gained by the pest manager for some bait installations, which you can avoid.

We may seem biased, but the two systems which we feel are the most equipped for multiple treatment options due to their large cavity construction are the Termicure Termite Bait Stations, and the Exterra Termite Baits.

Exterra have been around for a long time, and they are a great station although they are difficult to obtain for DIY Installations.


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