DIY Termite Eradication in one Pack

At this current point in time, Termicure Active, is the most advanced DIY Termite eradication product available for the homeowner to install and manage themselves. Simply dig a small hole large enough to house the station, and install with the supplied Termiticide Rod, and your baiting and eradication system is complete. Combine enough of these stations around a structure (your home) at 3 metre intervals and you’ve go the most successful and low maintenance termite eradication and baiting system available.

The Termicure bait stations can be used for multiple treatment methods including the conventional install, monitor, bait process which has been used for 30+ years around the world. They are large enough for successful bait application to facilitate colony eradication and have been used Australiawide by professionals. The introduction of the Termiticide Rod into the termite eradication industry has turned the entire baiting industry on it’s head to provide a termite eradication and baiting option-all in one.

Like all current termite bait manufacturers, Termicure started as a conventional termite baiting system with the option of enabling technicians to undertake foam treatments or liquid spot treatments to active stations. This vastly increased their potential for multiple termite species eradication, and made them a popular choice around the country. The original marketing video produced back in 2009 can be seen here.

Since then, Termicure has grasped the evolving landscape of termite management and integrated their system with the revolutionary Sentricon ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods. Not taking anything away from the manufacturers of the Termiticide Rods, we’ve simply combined a proven product with a revolutionary improvement to give people what they often thought they were already getting…a termite eradication system.

To explain the Termicure Active Packs to you, it’s very simple. These packs enable you to attract termites to a food source which is pre loaded with the toxins designed specifically to eradicate an active termite colony. Even if you simply install the stations and don’t monitor them (Not Advised), the stations containing the rods will be active until they are either depleted by termites or simply degraded by the soil and moisture. In any case, the life expectancy of the termiticide rods is 5 years, so they will; stay active for a long time once installed.

Take a look at the explainer video on the home page of our website to learn more. Click here.

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