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Phone: 1300 283 764

Live Termite Treatment Kit (8 Pack) (Including Termatrix Termite Bait)


Termicure Live Termite Treatment Kit-8 x Pack for infestations with two to 3 sites of termite activity.


Termicure’s new Live Termite Treatment Kits have been carefully developed using Termatrix Termite Bait Matrix, combined with specifically designed Live Termite Treatment satchels for simple live termite treatment.

Termatrix, Termite Bait Matrix is one of Australias leading termite bait matrix’s, developed for Termite Professionals, and is currently sold only through commercial Pest Management suppliers. THIS IS NOT A CHEAPLY PRODUCED DIY PRODUCT! This bait is used by termite professionals every day, to eradicate even the most aggressive and persistent termite colonies.

Termicure has combined the most effective live termite treatment bait, with a specially designed live termite feeding satchel to make active termite treatment simple and successful for the homeowner. Simply empty the contents of the Termatrix into the Live Termite Treatment Satchel and mix with water. Remove the Feeding Patch and attach the Termite Treatment Satchel to live termite activity with the ultra bond adhesive affixed to the pack. These Packs can be used for internal or external treatments and is non toxic to humans or pets.

Comes with a simple, easy to follow user guide.


Termicure Live Termite Treatment Kit-8Pack includes:

8 x Termiatrix Termite Bait Matrix 100g bags

8 x Termicure Live Termite Feeding Satchels with removable feeding patch and user guide.