The Termicure Guarantee

We KNOW our product is far superior than the opposition, and we are happy to back our claims

If you install our competitors product within 1 metre of one of our Termite Baits, and the alternative bait station comes under attack from termites before ours, we’ll provide you with a years worth of Termite Bait Matrix*.

This matrix can be used in other baiting systems as well as the Termicure Termite Baiting Stations. If you would prefer to use the oppositions product instead of ours, you can.


*To be eligible for your claim, photographs of the correctly installed Termicure Bait showing that no other bait station has been previously installed is required. Dates of installation of both the Termicure Bait Station, and the opposition station is also necessary, and a single photograph of termite activity visible in the opposition station, also showing the Termicure Station untouched is required.