The ‘Worker’ Caste

The ‘Worker’ Caste is responsible for locating suitable food sources, and feeding the colony. The workers will continue to forage individually until they locate a food source, which will then be tagged with a pheromone and sensed by other workers, informing them of a suitable meal. Once other workers are aware of the new food source, a portion of the colony’s workers will make their way to their new meal, to feed. They will build termite tubes and construct tunnels for safe and undetected transit to and from the nest. The workers are responsible for feeding the entire colony, and will make continual trips from a food source, back to the nest to provide a constant supply of food for the rest of the colony. These workers also constantly groom each other, removing any faeces or food which may become lodged during excavations and these two points are a major contributor to the transfer effect.

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